Covenant Presbyterian Church
Member of the Presbyterian Church in America

What We Believe


We believe that man's primary purpose - his reason for existence - is to glorify God and enjoy Him - both now and forever.

We believe that God is known through two primary means - His Work - the whole creation, and His Word - the Holy Bible.

The Creation is the theater where his majesty, power, and wisdom are displayed, appreciated, and enjoyed... A call to worship!

God's Word, contained in the Scriptures  of the Old and New Testaments, is the rule to teach us and direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him. The Scriptures teach us what to believe about God Himself - His person, character, and work and what He requires - expects - of man - expects based on what we know about Him.

God's Word teaches us that all of life is significant - has purpose and meaning in relationship with Him. We learn from God's Word that he is working out everything according to His purpose and plan.

All relationships, education, vocations, and recreations - all circumstances of life - are opportunities to glorify and enjoy God.. A call to worship!

Creation reflects order and wisdom and we believe worship should as well. Worship is a dialogue with God - He speaks in His Word and we respond with songs, prayers, praises, faith, and service.

It is for this reason we gather weekly to worship God in a simple, orderly, joyful manner.

We worship God as Creator and Redeemer.

God requires us to love him with perfect obedience to his revealed will. 

He teaches us that loving him and keeping His word is practically realized through relationships - loving and serving other people.

Jesus summed up the whole  Law of God by saying: Love God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself. This is perfect love for God and other people.

We believe that man has fallen into sin and that no man, woman, or child is able, in this life, to perfectly keep the commandments of God, All people, everywhere, daily fall short of perfection; each and every one break His commandments in thought, word, and deed.

Man fails to love God or his neighbor perfectly.

The Bible teaches us that every sin deserves the wrath and curse of God in this life and in the life to come. That is the bad news. 

But here is Good News!

Jesus Christ came into the world - fully, truly human and fully truly God - divine - and kept the whole law of God in thought, word, and deed - that is from the heart - from the inside out. He did this for his people - in their place and on their behalf to please God - to glorify and enjoy him. He loved God and his neighbor perfectly.

Then he suffered and died in the place of his people to satisfy God's justice, as the punishment for their sins. Jesus died as if he were the worst of all sinners - as if he had broken all of God's commandments even though he was tempted he never sinned, not even in thought. He first served in our place and then he suffered and died in our place - all to satisfy God's requirements in order to rescue us from our sins, reconcile us to God, restore us to life, and renew us in grace... A call to worship! 

It is for this reason we gather weekly to worship God - for grace received, new life experienced, forgiveness of sins, and to be encouraged by His word and seek to grow in grace and love. 

God gives eternal life to those who hear this good news, acknowledge their sinfulness, and trust the person and work of Jesus. His word teaches us that we are to repent of our sins - begin to live a life of repentance - seeing our sin as God does, and trusting Jesus for forgiveness - to receive mercy for past failure and grace for the present, and hope for the future.

It is by grace through faith that sinners are saved, not by any perfection of character or performance of work. It is entirely based on Christ's righteousness credited to us. It is grace alone and for his glory we pursue new obedience.